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Our Father's Day special is now available and includes a free bonus. It’s a training video series called “Pro Tips for Sporting Clays” starring World Champion David Radulovich and National Champion Brad Kidd Jr.

Here's a preview with some highlights from this series:

This 3-part shooting series will be emailed to you directly after any purchase this Father's Day sale. 

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 3 Reasons Why The ShotKam Camera Can Make You A Better Shooter

Let’s review just a few ways this revolutionary training camera will help you break more targets at the range.

1️⃣ Improve your skills more efficiently:
We know what it’s like to go out on the skeet field and feel like we’re not progressing… or even falling behind. It’s no fun when it seems like our friends are becoming better shots, and we’re not. That’s why we invented the ShotKam Camera.

ShotKam Camera teaches you how to avoid bad barrel movements so you can consistently break more targets. You’ll need fewer shells and fewer hours of practice to get to the next higher level, so it pays for itself with these savings.
You can see how some athletes have doubled their skill level in as little as two months, just from using the ShotKam Camera. The average user sees a 15% improvement in shot score in the first month 😱.

2️⃣ Innovative patented technology:
The ShotKam Camera is designed by shooter, for shooter, with powerful features like these:
You’ll love that the smart video camera automatically starts and stops recording so you don’t have to. It’s so accurate, it even captures the pellets and factors in the effects of gravity. You can see exactly what happened so you can move on the line of the clay better next time. Its customized crosshair shows exactly where you aim 🎯.

It self-edits the video, and the built-in Wi-Fi means you can watch the video anytime, anywhere – no external Internet connection or hotspot needed.

3️⃣ Proven around the world and proudly made in the USA:
Sportsmen in 104 countries and every US state are using the ShotKam Camera to become better shots. So no matter where you live, you can use it to give yourself an edge.

ShotKam Camera is used by top instructors. It’s been featured on shows like Sportsman Outdoors and Mojo TV in the US and Field Sports, the #1 hunting show in the UK. And for good reason.
Ready to improve your game? Get yourself a ShotKam Camera here:

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