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Customer Reviews

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Chuck Penland
State of the art device

I find the ShotKam to be a state-of-the-art device. It's the best way to actually diagnose if you're in front or behind the target. If you are having issue with a particular target, the ShotKam provides instant feedback and correction. My Gen 3 works well. I fooled around with other cameras and wasted money, should have started with Shotkam.

Jay Aygin
Great sk3

Absolutely fantastic device, even more so buying on a flash sale at an unrivalled price. Purchased as I am struggling to aim on pigeon shoots for some mad reason? Issues highlighted after first use, and I am itching to get back in the field to hopefully record some positive hits. Have also used at clay ground which was great on a lads day although battery didn’t last as long as we were downloading and viewing right away which is understandable especially at the rate we were shooting. Overall, incredibly impressed and glad I didn’t buy an inferior brand and for my needs I really didn’t need the sk4. Do not hesitate to buy.

Terence smith

Hi my name is Terence I am a 70 year old retired Plumber who in the north west uk. I started clay pigeon shooting in September 2023. I shoot on alternate Sundays with a small group of friends who have been shooting for quite a while, to be honest I was quite embarrassed about my lack of ability and the fact that I was not really improving. I purchased a ShotKam rev3 and have now used it about a dozen times. The difference that it has made has been really good, we shoot as friends for a small trophy which was continually being won by two different more experienced shooters. On Sunday of this week I managed to win this trophy which I am quite proud of. I put this small success down totally to the ShotKam and I would recommend this product to any shooter looking to improve.

Mike Shepherd
G3 Shotkam

Excellent service, both ordering and in delivery. The shotkam has already made a difference in my shooting, allowing me to review each shot and making changes where needed.

Must have

High-quality footage and design make it incredibly easy to analyze and improve my accuracy. It's a must-have.