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  • "By studying the ShotKam videos, I can work hard on my gun barrel position and work hard on my lines to the target."
    George Digweed
    26 Time World Champion
  • "I have proven with hundreds of my OSP shooters that watching ShotKam videos will SIGNIFICANTLY improve your scores."
    Gil Ash
    OSP Shooting School Owner
  • "Because of the nature of the shots in Skeet (fast targets at close distances), target acquisition and your response to seeing a target is significant. The ShotKam can allow shooters to see very technical movements to targets that might otherwise go unnoticed, and it's a shooter's understanding of this movement and their reaction to those targets that is critical."
    Todd Bender
    Todd Bender Performance Systems Intl
  • "ShotKam's unique technology will absolutely make you a better shot."
    Don Currie
    Chief Instructor, NSCA
  • "The ShotKam is a simple device that attaches to the barrel of your shotgun. It captures the gun-target relationship, the swing, and the move to the target. It allows you to analyze the mystery misses, discovering the fault, cause, correction! ShotKam is a great coaching tool for the individual and the professional coach!"
    Chris Batha
    International Senior Shooting Instructor and Master Gunfitter
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