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Our Story

ShotKam Manifesto

We believe in loving people well. Whether it’s with a smile or a sincere “thanks,” every interaction should be uplifting. 

We believe in building a company that becomes a family. A family that nurtures each other, welcomes new ideas, and strengthens weaknesses. Where honesty builds character and cultivates humility.

We believe that success is bred where there’s a vision, autonomy, and daily encouragement; that the day ends when you can proudly hang your hat on the work you’ve done; and in working hard and resting hard.

As John Maxwell said, we believe that “failure is a moment, not a monument," and embrace these moments as part of the journey to growth. We believe that growth necessitates change, and change flourishes when we welcome new perspectives.

To those we serve, we thank you. We commit to bring you innovation, kind support, and warm smiles.

Our Leadership

David Stewart
Inventor & CEO

David started his professional career as the President of a technology company, inventing a novel biofuels process. In 2010, he went on to design the ShotKam in his garage to help his youngest son, Zander, hit crossing skeet targets. Ten years later, ShotKam has established itself as the world's most powerful gun camera and the most effective training tool for shooters. David has 6 patents and 3 more pending, and has grown the company from an idea in his garage to a global company.

Emily Stewart

Chief Operating Officer

Laura Hipps

Operations Coordinator

Bettina Daily

Customer Relationship Manager

Kyra Johnson

Customer Service Representative

Gabby Gordillo

Customer Service Representative 

Charlie Wearden

Support Representative (UK-based)

Justin Carusillo

Warehouse Manager

Jeremy Gagne

Stocking Clerk

Sam Steffer

Stocking Clerk

Garrett Reid


Zander Stewart

Shipping & Packing Clerk

Alisabeth Bitgood

Product Assembly Tech

Tom Sykes

Social Media Manager

Our Professionals

Brad Kidd Jr.

National Champion

Visit Brad's website

David Radulovich

World FITASC Champion

Visit David's website

Bartholow Brothers

Top Trap Shooters in USA

Visit Matt and Foster's website

Kayle Browning

Bobby Guy

YouTube Hunting Sensation

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Ben Husthwaite

World FITASC and Sporting Clay Champion

Visit Ben's website

Jason Doyle

Presenter of Fieldsports Ireland 

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Gil Ash

OSP School Founder

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