ShotKam SxS 20G mount accessory for secure attachment of the ShotKam camera to side-by-side 20-gauge shotguns. This robust black mount is made in the USA and is designed to provide a stable and reliable platform for recording hunting and shooting activities. Ideal for hunters and shooting enthusiasts, the ShotKam SxS 20G mount ensures precise and steady footage, enhancing the documentation of outdoor adventures with high-quality video recording capabilities.
ShotKam SxS 20G mounted on a side-by-side 20-gauge shotgun barrel. This high-definition shotgun camera is designed for hunters and shooting enthusiasts, capturing precise video footage of hunting and shooting activities. The ShotKam SxS 20G offers advanced technology and easy installation, making it ideal for documenting outdoor adventures. Perfect for small game hunting, sport shooting, and training, the ShotKam enhances the shooting experience with reliable, high-quality recording.

Side-by-Side 20 Gauge Mount

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Attach your ShotKam to any 20 Gauge Side-by-Side barrel with this mount. Made of aluminum and lined with rubber pads, it ensures a secure, mark-free grip without metal-to-metal contact. Compatible with Gen 3 and Gen 4 ShotKams.

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The 12 Gauge Quick-Release Mount is included with your ShotKam Camera.
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