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Hi! I'm David Stewart, the inventor of ShotKam.

The idea for my gun camera started in 2010, when I was shooting clays with my 10-year old son, Zander. He had natural talent but was having difficulty understanding the concept of how to lead a target. I wished I could attach a video camera to his gun to record his shots and examine his gun movement. This would allow me to coach him more effectively.

2 years later, the first ShotKam was born. I’m proud to say that our patented technology is one-of-a-kind in the market. I personally stand behind each ShotKam, and know it will provide eye-opening insights as you seek to improve your shooting.

Our Story
Robert Churchill “How to Shoot: Some Lessons in the Science of Shot Gun Shooting” [Third and Revised Edition—1930]
Nearly ninety years ago...

Mr. Churchill advocated the use of slow-motion replay to help guide shooters to better form. He could not possibly have imagined that we would have been able to move the entire “Cine-Camera” production so elegantly to the end of the barrel. I would like to think he would have been an ardent supporter of our work.


Getting ready for duck season.

Zander and friends struggle to hit crossing skeet targets and I decide to mount a video camera on the gun to help them.

All commercially available cameras break and fall off!


Concept model made from PVC water pipe


Model based on unintegrated electronics. Very big and weighed 16ozs!


My two sons, Cameron and Zander, test the first working prototype on Snipe.


First non-anodized production unit of ShotKam!


Zander Stewart is now 16-years old.

The ShotKam weighs only 5.5 oz and has Wi-Fi!

Most advanced GUN CAMERA yet!

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