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A hard reset should be done when:

    The ShotKam won’t shut off
    The ShotKam won’t turn on
    The red LED does not show when plugged in
    The green or blue LED won’t turn off

To complete a hard reset (this will NOT erase any of your videos):

  1. Unscrew the rear cap.
  2. Straighten out one end of a paper clip.
  3. Carefully insert the paperclip end into the small hole between the SD card slot and one of the LED lights.
  4. Gently push the button and then remove the paperclip. You will feel resistance, but don’t press too hard.
  5. Turn the ShotKam ON with a push of the power button.
  6. Screw the rear cap back on by twisting to the right. Ensure it is firmly in place, but not over-tightened.



First try replacing your microSD card with a brand new one. Any new microSD card will work as long as there is no other software on it.

If the new SD card does not clear up the flashing LEDs, please contact us at:



SD card is full. Delete shots (page 11). For Macs only: empty trash bin (see page 11).



This could be due to extreme temperatures (see page 6).
Perform this battery test at home:

  1. Let the ShotKam charge via USB cable to computer for 2 hours
  2. Unplug the ShotKam and put it into Wi-Fi Mode (page 3)
  3. Time how long it lasts before it dies. The standard battery life is 55 - 60 minutes in Wi-Fi mode. Contact for any questions.



In order to save your reticle alignment, you must hit the orange back arrow in the ShotKamPro app.



In order for a shot to be saved, it must be taken within 20 seconds of closing the action. If the unit goes into sleep mode (slow flashing green LED), then it will not record a video until it is solid green.



The ShotKam videos can be slowed down to see the shot pattern, but you will not be able to see it well against a tree background. This is not a big concern, however, as seeing the pattern is typically not very informative. The best way to study the ShotKam videos is by studying the 10 – 15 pictures before the shot was taken. The ShotKam takes 120 pictures per second, but studying the 15 seconds before the shot is where you will be able to see why you missed (or broke) it.



Check that the ShotKam is mounted directly under your barrel with the rubber pads of the bracket fitting into the grooves of the ShotKam tube. If they are, then the slant is due to the gun being canted (a tilted mount).








The Complete User Manual for ShotKam

Click to Download the Complete User Manual (PDF)

Powering ON the ShotKam

Hold Down Power Button:

  • 0-2 Seconds = Standard Shooting Mode (Green LED)
  • 2-10 Seconds = Wi-Fi Mode (Yellow + Green LED)
  • 10+ Seconds = Laser ON
  • Click Once = Power OFF
  • Click Twice (if in Sleep Mode) = Power OFF
  • Hold Power Button for 5 Seconds = If ShotKam Will Not Turn OFF

* Must power OFF to switch between camera modes (e.g. Standard Shooting Mode → Wi-Fi Mode)


Yellow = Wake Up
Green = Ready to shoot. Blue LED will come on after recoil to indicate a shot was saved.
Yellow+Green = Connected to Wi-Fi
 Red = Fully Charged

Green = Sleep Mode
Blue = Saving Video
Red = Charging (approx. 2 hours to fully charge)
Yellow = Initiating Wi-Fi Mode
Green + Blue = SD Card Missing or Full



A. Lay gun on its side on a flat surface, with the barrel end hanging off the edge (a table or countertop is best). 

B. Remove the 12G bracket that comes attached to your ShotKam using the provided Allen key. There is a spare Allen key in your spare parts bag if needed. 

C. With the USB connector port facing up and closest to the barrel, place brackets on the ShotKam, ensuring that the rubber ridge of the pad aligns with the indentation in the ShotKam.      

* Always mount the ShotKam 3 to 10 inches from the muzzle end of the barrel (NOT on barrel porting holes).  

    D. Using the Allen key, tighten the brackets around the barrel, alternating between screws to ensure correct and even placement, but not yet tightening completely. 

    E. Ensure that the camera is directly under the barrel and finish tightening the screws - DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.  


      Available in both the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). 

      *The app is NOT for use on a computer. Use VLC Media Player to view the
      videos (see page 7).

      A.  In the Apple App Store or Android Google Play, search apps for  “ShotkamPro” (one word) and download the free. Do not open the app yet. 


      *The ShotKam is equipped with its own Wi-Fi; it is a direct connection between your phone/iPad/tablet and the ShotKam. You do not need cellular data, a hotspot, bluetooth, or to be in range of another network/internet source.

      B. Start with your ShotKam OFF, then turn ON the Wi-Fi by pressing and holding the power button for 3+ seconds. Both orange LED lights should come on; wait about 10 seconds until 1 orange LED stops flashing. Once it stops, the other LED will turn green. You are now in Wi-Fi mode. The ShotKam itself has Wi-Fi, so you do not need any other Wi-Fi source. 
      C. Going back to your phone/iPad/tablet, ensure the Wi-Fi is turned ON and go to the device’s settings (Connections > Wi-Fi) and select “Wi-Fi.”
      D. A list of available networks will appear, select “SHOTKAM.”  If you do not see this network, then refresh your list and tap on “SHOTKAM” to connect. Once connected, you may see “Security Recommendation” or “Connected, No Internet.” These are normal messages and your ShotKam Wi-Fi is connected. The Wi-Fi is a direct connection.
      E. Once you are connected to this network, exit your device’s Wi-Fi screen by pressing its “Home” button; now open the ShotKamPro app.

      NOTE: If your app is not opening, check that your device is still connected to the ShotKam Wi-Fi network. If the app is still not opening after this, charge the ShotKam for 2 hours and try again.


      You can now make any necessary adjustments to your ShotKam settings (i.e. target type, reticle style, wake-up sensitivity etc.). See page 13 for Target Setting Specs and other recommended settings.

      • Press the setting button (gear icon) within the app
      • Choose your target type, gun type, etc.

      Once you have adjusted any settings, you must hit “Back” or “Save” button in the top left corner. Next you will need to align the reticle; continue below.


      *The reticle is the red dot or crosshair seen in our videos. This is a patented reticle alignment system available only through ShotKam. 

      A. Place your gun on a table and point it at a stationary target about 10-30 yards away; align the bead of the gun to the center of the target. We provide an orange target sticker, but you can use any target (e.g. the corner of a roof, tree branch etc.). 
      B. Put your ShotKam into Wi-Fi mode by pressing and holding the power button for 3+ seconds. Both orange LED lights should come on; wait about 10 seconds until 1 orange LED stops flashing. Once it stops, the other LED should turn green. You are now in Wi-Fi mode.
      C. Go to your smartphone and connect to the “ShotKam” Wi-Fi network. See step 2C – 2E for instructions on connecting to the ShotKam Wi-Fi network. 
      D. Open the ShotKamPro app. See step 2 if you have not downloaded it, or are having trouble connecting the app to your ShotKam. 
      E. You will now see the reticle in the center of your screen. If not, your ShotKam may have gone into sleep mode - simply press the power button once to waken it, or bump it. The reticle will now appear.
      F. To align the reticle, tap on the orange crosshair icon (bottom right). 
      G. Use the arrows to center the reticle on the target. You can hold or tap arrows; allow a few seconds for Wi-Fi delay. 
      H. Once the reticle is centered on the target, hit the orange back arrow or  “Save” button on the top left corner of your screen to save the reticle alignment settings.

      I.Exit the app, then turn off the ShotKam (one press of the power button, or two if it is in sleep mode).



      First, change the target type to “Flying Birds” or “Ground Game” (see page 4 for ShotKamPro app instructions).

      When standing with a loaded gun in the field, the ShotKam will need woken up before shooting. Waken the camera by bumping the fore-end or stock of the gun.  Do this when you see a bird approaching. If a shot is taken within 60 seconds of wakening the ShotKam, the video will be saved. If not, the camera will go back into sleep mode.

      We suggest you practice wakening your ShotKam a few times at home:

      A. With an unloaded gun, close the action and allow the camera to go into sleep mode (approximately 60 seconds). (sleep mode = blinking green LED)
      B. Imagine a bird flying in and bump the fore-end or stock of the gun to waken the ShotKam. (ready = solid green LED)

      NOTE: Once the gun has been bumped to waken the ShotKam (solid green LED), it will stay awake for 60 seconds. If a shot is taken within the 60 seconds, then it will be saved (blue LED). If not, the camera will go back into sleep mode to conserve battery power. Only the recoil will trigger the blue LED.


      The ShotKam has an internal battery which is rechargeable via the USB port. This battery cannot be accessed directly. The life-expectancy is 3 years and a battery replacement costs $40.

      Battery life in normal shooting mode, from fully charged, is:
          Clay Shooting: 4 - 5 hours
          Hunting: 4 - 6 hours (produces longer videos)

      Battery life in Wi-Fi mode is typically 1 hour. The Wi-Fi mode is for adjusting the ShotKam's settings and for “in-the-field” shot-analysis of problematic targets.


      Normal charging is via USB port to computer. Our USB cable will convert the correct voltage, so it can be plugged into any computer or wall adapter internationally.

      A. Remove the rear cap by twisting it to the left. Ensure the ShotKam is OFF (one press of the power button, or two if it’s in sleep mode).
      B. Use the provided USB cable and place the smaller end into the port of the camera, ensuring the direction of the plug is matched to the direction of the camera port (longer end on top, shorter end on bottom).
      *IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO FORCE THE CABLE PLUG INTO THE USB PORT OF THE CAMERA. Please take care to correctly align it before inserting. 
      C. Plug the USB port into your computer or the provided wall adapter (flashing red LED = charging). A car adapter with a USB port will also work.
      D. Allow for approximately 2 hours to fully charge (from empty).
      (solid red LED = fully charged)
      NOTE: Charge within 24 hours of the shooting. The battery will NOT be harmed if left on the charger overnight. 

      E. Remove the USB cable and place the rear cap back on by twisting right. Ensure it is firmly in place, but not over-tightened. Remember, this rear cap with the clear membrane, when correctly in place, is what makes the ShotKam weatherproof as it protects the USB port.


      The ShotKam is made to operate in temperatures from 32°F-110°F (0°C-43°C).
      Extreme cold will shorten your battery life. If you plan to shoot in temperatures below 32°F, then you can extend the battery life by placing handwarmers around the ShotKam while not in use.


      We use Class 10, 32GB microSD cards. A 32GB card holds  approximately 1,000 clay videos.

      The microSD card in your ShotKam typically does not need to be removed as you can watch your videos by connecting your camera to your computer via USB cable. Most people who need to remove the SD card are instructors and students. We recommend that each student have his or her own microSD card & adapter. They can each put their own memory card into the ShotKam, shoot, and then take it home to review.


      DO NOT loosen the screw in order to remove the SD card; the latch will rotate open.

      A. Rotate the latch towards the edge, away from the SD card slot. 
      B. Gently push the SD card once as if it were a button; this will release the SD card out of the slot so you can grasp it. 
      C. Grip the SD card and pull it out. 
      D. To view the videos on it, use the provided SD memory card adapter from your spare parts bag. 
      E. Insert the microSD card into the adapter and then put it into the SD card slot in your computer. It will be a tight fit - this is normal.
      F. Review the videos and then right-click on “SHOTKAM” and select “Eject.” Remove the adapter from your computer, then remove the microSD card from the adapter. 
      G. Before inserting the microSD card back into the ShotKam, make sure it is facing the correct direction: the side with the writing should be facing the latch & screw.
      H. Once almost completely inserted, push once as if pushing a button. This will click it back into place. 
      I. Put the latch back over the SD card slot so it is securely in place.



      A. Turn ON the ShotKam with one click of the button (one green LED)
      B. Load the gun and close the action (LED will turn solid green = ready)
      C. Shoot within 20 seconds of closing the action (blue LED will come on after the recoil)
      D. Turn OFF at the end of the day (may require pressing the power button twice if in sleep mode)

      NOTE: Do not shoot when in Wi-Fi mode - the ShotKam can only record at half the frame-rate when in this mode (60fps instead of 120fps).

      ShotKams are not for selfies.

      Read all of the gun or bow manufacturer’s safety information and safety instructions before handling the gun or bow, installing the ShotKam, or using the ShotKam on a gun or bow. Read and apply all of their instructions before using the ShotKam camera to avoid injury.

      WARNING: Failure to follow these safety instructions could result in fire, electric shock, or other injury or damage.

      Lithium-Ion Battery handling:

      The lithium-ion battery inside the ShotKam may present a hazard if mistreated. Do not disassemble, crush, or puncture the lithium-ion battery. Do not remove the battery. Keep the battery dry by using the waterproof membrane seal when the camera may be exposed to water. Do not expose the ShotKam to high temperatures (over 110F). To charge, only use the ShotKam USB Cable with a high-power USB port on a computer or other device which is compliant with the USB standards, or the ShotKam wall charger.

      Disposal information:

      Do not dispose of either the ShotKam Camera or lithium-ion battery in a fire. Dispose of batteries in accordance with local laws and regulations.

      Correct Disposal of this Product:

      This product should not be disposed of with other household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. To return your used device, please use proper return and collection systems or contact us at and we can take this product for environmentally safe recycling.

      FCC Information:

      This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

      1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and 
      2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

      Warning: Changes or modifications to this unit, not expressly approved by party responsible for compliance, could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

      Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed and used in accordance with instructions, it may cause harmful interference to radio communications. There is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of these measures:

      • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
      • Increase separation between equipment and receiver.
      • Connect the equipment to an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
      • Consult an experienced radio/TV technician for help.
      Industry Canada:

      This Class B device meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Regulations. Cet appareil numerique de la classe B respecte toutes les exigences du Reglement sur le materiel broulleur du Canada.

      Laser notice:

      ShotKam is a Class II laser device. Laser radiation is emitted when using the laser. Please use caution and do not stare directly into the beam or point at others.


      ShotKam camcorders comply with the European Union’s R0HS directive 2002/95/EC and similar regulations that may be adopted by other countries for European Sales.

      One-Year Full Coverage:


      If any technical issue arises within one year of purchase, please ship your order to our location for repair or replacement. Follow the return instructions below:

      1. Locate your Order Number on the confirmation email.
      2. Package the ShotKam, along with a copy of the original confirmation email.
      3. Write the order number on the outside of the box and mail it to our shipping location. NOTE: Please do not hand deliver your product to our shipping facility, even if you are a local. Thank you!

      ShotKam Return Address:

      2820 NW 45th Street

      Boca Raton, FL 33434


      30-Day Money Back Guarantee:


      If within 30 days of receiving your Shotkam you are not fully satisfied, return it to us for a full refund. Cameras damaged due to reasons not covered under the warranty, cannot be accepted back for refund.

      * Associated shipping fees are not refundable.



      Disassembling the ShotKam:

      Please NEVER attempt to repair or modify the ShotKam Camera yourself. Disassembling a ShotKam will cause damage that is NOT covered under the warranty. The ShotKam does not contain any user-replaceable parts, except the MicroSD card.

      ShotKam LLC (“Manufacturer”) warrants to the original end user (“Purchaser”) that for the 1-year (“Warranty Period”), the ShotKam camcorder (excluding any third party software) and accessories (“Product”) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship when properly installed and used for its intended purpose and in its intended operating environment.

      This warranty does NOT apply to any Product that has been either:

      • Disassembled e.g front lens or rear lock ring removed
      • Altered, repaired or modified
      • Damaged or destroyed by accidents or similar events or by any intentional, reckless or negligent acts or omissions of any party.

      In the event of a defect, return the Product to the Manufacturer, but only after instructed to do so by Manufacturer. Purchaser shall ship and bear the cost of shipping the Product to Manufacturer, and Manufacturer shall bear the cost of shipping the Product back to Purchaser (after the completion of service under this limited warranty). Purchaser’s exclusive remedy and Manufacturer’s entire liability under this warranty will be for Manufacturer at its option to repair or replace the Product or refund purchase price less any rebates.

      Manufacturer does not warrant against loss of any data (including data stored on Product returned to Manufacturer for service), and assumes no liability for such loss. Purchaser assumes all liability, and as such releases Manufacturer from any liability, for any accident, injury, damage, death, loss, illegal activity or any other claim that may occur resulting from or during use of the Product, whether or not such use is foreseeable by Manufacturer.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      > Click to Download the Complete User Manual (PDF)


      Target Setting Specifications:



      • Sleep Delay: Initiates after 20 seconds of inactivity
      • "Normal" Recording Time: 2 seconds pre-shot, 1 second post-shot
      • Records as two videos if there is longer than 6 seconds between shots fired



      • Sleep Delay: Initiates after 30 seconds of inactivity (bump gun to restart 30 seconds)
      • "Normal" Recording Time: 3 seconds pre-shot, 3 seconds post-shot
      • Records as two videos if there is longer than 9 seconds between shots fired



      • Sleep Delay: Initiates after 300 seconds of inactivity
      • "Normal" Recording Time: 6 seconds pre-shot, 20 seconds post-shot
      • Records as two videos if there is longer than 10 seconds between shots fired



      • Sleep Delay: Initiates after 60 seconds of inactivity
      • "Normal" Recording Time: 2 seconds pre-shot, 1 second post-shot
      • Records as two videos if there is longer than 8 seconds between shots fired



      • "Short" = 1/2 the "normal" recording time
      • "Normal" = See above
      • "Long" = 2x the "normal" recording time


      ShotKam Questions:


      How do I start a recording?

      The ShotKam has an accelerometer which registers forces to tell it when to record. When the action of the gun is closed, the ShotKam starts to record a video (through a memory buffer). Once the ShotKam feels the recoil of the gun, it then saves the video from the memory buffer onto the SD card (memory card). It only saves the critical time before, during, and after the shot.


      Can the ShotKam be mounted to a Rifle?

      Yes. Below are the suggested brackets for each rifle:

      - The 12G bracket (included with purchase) is used on large caliber African guns (416, 458, etc).

      - The 20G bracket is used for 30 caliber rifles (270, 30-06, 7mm, etc).

      - The 28G bracket is for 243 sized rifles

      - The .410 bracket is for 223 sized rifles


      How sturdy is the camera -- and more importantly -- is it water resistant?

      The camera is very sturdy. It is 100% weatherproof when the rear cap is on. The lens should be cleaned with a soft cloth after exposure to rain.


      Is this an action camera?

      No. This is an accelerometer-controlled aiming system (ACAS) video camera. It was developed by an engineer with expertise in military laser-targeting systems, and is designed for high shock and vibration environments. The ShotKam has a patent pending recoil absorption system which is combined with an accelerometer. This allows the ShotKam to buffer and only record-to-memory the few seconds before, during, and after the discharge of bows or firearms. It records video in HD 1080p at 100 frames per second.


      Does the 5 1/2 ounce weight include the ShotKam and attachment brackets?



      Does the ShotKam require batteries?

      No. The ShotKam has an internal battery which is recharged via the USB port. This battery cannot be accessed directly. Lithium ion batteries last 2 - 4 years (depending on use) and a battery replacement is $40.


      How does the camera adjust to varying target distances and light conditions?

      The ShotKam has unique light-balancing technology which automatically adjusts the view within a 5 to 100 yard range.


      Using the ShotKam:


      Does the camera signal that a shot was taken and video saved?

      Yes. A blue LED will flash – but again, we encourage users to ignore the ShotKam and focus on shooting.


      What is included on the 32GB SD Memory Card?

      1. SHOTKAM - This is the video file with all the saved shots.
      2. MISC - This is the configuration file for the Wi-Fi. DO NOT edit.
      3. Shtkmcfg.ini - A configuration file for the setting specifications. DO NOT edit this file.
      4. Complete User Manual - A PDF format of the ShotKam manual.
      5. ShotKam Support - A link to our website's "Support" page.


      Does the ShotKam need configured?

      Not necessarily, but if specifications are desired then the ShotKamPro app (available on your smartphone) allows for customization. The target type, gun type, recording time and playback speed are all adjustable.


      How to prevent false video triggers:

      Select “Less Sensitive” in the Recoil Sensitivity settings options. Also, be aware of how hard the gun is closed. Close smoothly without a “slam.”


      How to wake-up the ShotKam more easily:

      Select “Very Sensitive” in the Wake-up Sensitivity settings options. NOTE: If you are walking with the gun or riding in a cart, it may be continually woken-up, which will significantly reduce your battery life.


      Video Recording:


      Will editing be required?

      No. The patent-pending memory buffer system, combined with the accelerometer, allows the shooter to set the recording time. Only the few seconds before, during, and after the discharge are recorded.


      Can the pellets be seen frame-by-frame?

      Yes, but only for a few frames. VLC Media Player is a free option that has frame by frame capability. Download VLC Media Player, then press "e" on the keyboard to go frame-by-frame, or use the space-bar to play / pause the video. Please watch our step-by-step video tutorial for instructions on how to go frame-by-frame (Start at 2:15).

      After the gun is discharged there is a distortion of 1 - 2 video frames and then there are typically 5 - 8 video frames where the individual pellets in the shot string are visible. Visibility of the pellets depends on the distance and background conditions. The wad is clear for many frames.

      While it is interesting to see the shot string, the primary feedback to rely on is the reticle.


      Is the double-shot saved as a single video?

      Yes - a true or report pair is saved as a single video. Anytime two shots are fired within 6 seconds of each other, the ShotKam registers it as a pair.


      How do I know the shot was saved?

      A blue LED will flash after the recoil. When the shotgun action is closed, the ShotKam LED will briefly turn yellow then go solid green. If you shoot within 20 seconds of closing the action (for clays), then the blue LED will flash for a few seconds. 


      Does the ShotKam lens magnify the field of view?

      Yes. The ShotKam has a magnification equivalent to 4x.


      How are the video clips titled?

      The video clips are saved as SHOT001, SHOT002, etc. Organizing these files/shots into folders is very important. Create a new folder and move all the days' shots into it. Please see our step-by-step video tutorial for instructions on how to organize the shots (Start at 4:13).


      Why does the video date not change?

      A real time clock constantly draws a small amount of battery power. In an effort to maintain maximum battery life, a real time clock does NOT run. The date will say 2015-01-01.


      Why are some shots not captured on video?

      The ShotKam will typically record over 90% of shots. Increasing the recoil sensitivity is an option but this may result in more "false" triggers. The most common reason some shots are not captured is because it has gone into sleep mode. Use the ShotKamPro app to ensure your target setting specifications are as desired.


      ShotKamPro App:


      How to download it?

      The ShotKamPro app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded from the App or Play Store and is free. The app can only open when connected to the ShotKam's built-in Wi-Fi.


      Changing the ShotKam's Settings:

      Turn the ShotKam into Wi-Fi Mode (hold power button 3 + secondsand wait about 10 seconds for one LED to stop flashing and the other to turn solid green). Open the "Settings" icon on the smartphone, iPad, or tablet. Go to Connections > Wi-Fi > SHOTKAM. Once connected, go back to the phone's home screen and open the ShotKamPro app. Press the "Settings" icon to tehn change them. Go back to the screen where you can see what the ShotKam sees and check that the settings in the top right corner are correct. Exit the app and turn OFF the ShotKam.


      Why is there no sound?

      The ShotKamPro app does NOT have sound. Please watch the shots using VLC Media Player on a computer / laptop for sound.


      Mounting to Barrel:


      Mounting systems available for:

      The ShotKam comes with a 12G bracket.

      We also have 20G, 28G, .410, or 12G side-by-side brackets available for purchase, as well as a bow mount.


      Where on the barrel should the ShotKam be mounted?

      Mount the ShotKam 3 to 10 inches from muzzle end of the barrel (NOT on barrel porting holes, but behind them). Do not mount too close to the end of the muzzle or debris will land on the lens.


      Will the brackets damage my shotgun barrel?

      No. The soft rubber pads on the bracket interior prevent any metal to metal contact.


      Technical Questions:


      How do I calibrate the reticle?

      Either a computer or Smartphone is necessary to calibrate the reticle. Follow our manual instructions or watch our step-by-step tutorials for details.


      Reticle Styles:

      •  Crosshair Icon
      •  Gun Icon
      •  Orange Circle Icon
      •  Orange Crosshair Icon
      •  Red Dot Icon
      •  ShotKam Icon
      • (Reticle OFF)


      Why does the reticle NOT appear?

      First check that the reticle setting has not been turned OFF, and that the ShotKam is not in Sleep Mode (slow flashing green LED).

      The lack of a reticle could signal that the configuration file needs reinstalled. To reinstall, use the following steps:

      1. With the ShotKam connected to the USB port, go into the root directory (either Finder or File Explorer).
      2. Delete (drag into trash) the “shtkmcfg.ini” file.
      3. If a folder called “MISC” or a file called “shtkmcfg.tmp” appears, then also delete them (drag into trash).
      4. Disconnect the ShotKam from USB port.
      5. Turn the ShotKam OFF, then ON. The factory defaults have been reinstalled. The reticle will now appear.


      How to Improve:


      How should the videos be watched for personal improvement?

      It is best to receive input from an experienced shooter or qualified instructor as the answer to this question is complicated.

      We suggest to “shoot in front, but don't look in front." The important thing is to have the conscious brain focused on the target, while the subconscious brain positions the muzzle. It is easy to fall into the habit of checking the gun barrel → target relationship, but this is what should be avoided.

      Watch videos of hitting and missing targets while focusing on the clay. Train the conscious brain to focus on the target, while the subconscious brain places the gun correctly.




        Will the videos play with Apple’s QuickTime?

        No. QuickTime does not support the AVI format we use to enable “stitching” of buffered videos clips. We recommend the VLC Media Player for Mac users.

        Please note that the videos cannot be watched frame-by-frame in QuickTime/Windows Media Player.


        Date and Time:

        The ShotKam DOES NOT have a real-time clock because it significantly reduces battery life. All ".avi" files will say, 01-01-2015" and the time will be the time since the ShotKam was turned on (Example: 00:01.30 = One minute and 30 seconds). Creating individual folders ensures the shots stay organized.


        How to Simulate a Recording at Home:

        Ensure the gun is empty. Change the settings using the ShotKamPro app to the following:

        1. Target Type = Clays
        2. Gun Type = Handgun Semi-Auto
        3. Recoil Sensitivity = Very Sensitive

        Turn the ShotKam ON (standard shooting mode, one click of the power button). Gently tap the ShotKam to begin a recording; the LED will turn blue when recording and green when finished recording.




        Can the laser position be changed?

        No. The laser is a training aid that is not used during normal ShotKam use. It is designed to aid shooters with their mounting technique while practicing indoors with an unloaded gun.


        Is the laser the same thing as the reticle (red dot in the videos)?

        No, they are completely unrelated. The laser is simply a beam of light that comes out of the ShotKam and is available so that you can practice your mount at home. The reticle is the red dot or crosshair seen in our videos. It is a patented reticle alignment system available only through ShotKam.

        To practice your mount, turn ON the laser by holding the power button down for 15-20 seconds. Next, point it into the corner of a room and try to mount the gun to your shoulder without moving the laser.

        NOTE: The laser is typically 3-6 inches below the gun’s point of aim and cannot be adjusted.


        • Click here to re-download ShotKam software to SD card
        • Click here to download the VLC Media Player to view the ShotKam videos on your computer
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