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  • george
    "By studying my ShotKam videos, I work on my gun barrel position and lines to the target."
    George Digweed
    World Champion Twenty-Six Times
  • gil
    "I have proved with hundreds of my OSP shooters that studying ShotKam footage will quickly improve your scores."
    Gil Ash
    Owner of OSP Shooting School
  • todd
    "Due to the fast nature of Skeet targets, seeing and reacting quickly is imperative. The ShotKam allows me to see very technical movements that might otherwise go unnoticed."
    Todd Bender
    Todd Bender Performance Systems Intl
  • chris
    "ShotKam is a simple device that allows you to analyze the mystery of missed shots. It’s a great coaching tool for both an individual and a professional instructor."
    Chris Batha
    International Senior Shooting Instructor and Master Gunfitter
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