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With the new quick release mount, you can attach the ShotKam Camera to your barrel within seconds. This camera records video with every recoil and shows exactly where you aimed. It plays videos wirelessly right to your phone, so you can instantly see why a target was missed.

Built-in Wi-Fi

  • Easy to connect. ShotKam's built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect directly to your mobile device.
  • With 4x faster Wi-Fi, you can instantly download and review each shot right from your mobile device.
  • Compatible with Android and Apple mobile devices. Settings can be customized through the ShotKam app.

Slow Motion Replay

  • The playback speed is designed to replicate exactly how your eye perceives a moving target.
  • Records every shot in Full HD 1080p x 100 frames per second, then automatically saves in 1/3 speed. 
  • The powerful A12 processor constantly buffers video, then stitches it with live video during the recoil.

Personal Setup

  • Each video has a reticle (red dot or crosshair) that represents your gun's point-of-aim.
  • Easily adjust the reticle using the ShotKam mobile app.
  • To align, aim the bead of your gun at a target 30 yards away. Using an Android or iOS mobile device, connect to the Wi-Fi and adjust the reticle to where your gun is aimed.

Intelligent Activation

  • ShotKam detects each movement of the barrel to know when to record.
  • Advanced technology measures the X, Y, and Z-axis forces, plus the roll, yaw, and pitch of your shotgun barrel.
  • Simply close the shotgun action (over and under, semi-automatic, or pump) to begin a recording.

Patented Shock Absorption

  • A recoil generates extreme vibration forces that must be absorbed to create seamless videos.
  • Built with military-grade materials, this camera is engineered for its harsh environment.
  • The bracket has a double-layered rubber pad to clasp onto the barrel, yet never leave a mark.

Bonus Videos Included With Purchase

Our most popular ShotKam training series is called “Pro Tips for Sporting Clays” starring World Champion David Radulovich and National Champion Brad Kidd Jr. This exclusive 3-part shooting series features ShotKam videos paired with lessons from two of the world's top shooters. It will be emailed to you directly after any purchase - you don't want to miss this. Here's a preview with some highlights.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the ShotKam Camera be shipped internationally?

Yes, we can ship to almost every country. Please note that the shipping price does not include import taxes (VAT, GST, or IVA). To look up your country's import tax rates, please visit the Avalara tax website here. FedEx will contact you directly to collect all import tax payments. 

To shop our international online stores, please see below:

  • ShotKam Australia - Price is in Australian Dollars (A$), but you can pay in New Zealand Dollars at Checkout. All import taxes are included, and we offer free shipping to Australia. 
  • ShotKam Canada - Price is in Canadian Dollars (C$), and includes free shipping to Canada and import taxes (GST) are already included.
  • ShotKam Europe - Price is in Euros (€) and includes free shipping and all VAT. 
  • ShotKam United Kingdom - Price is in Great British Pounds (£) and includes free shipping to the UK and all VAT is included. 


Is this the newest ShotKam?

Yes, this 3rd Generation ShotKam is our most popular and current video camera - now with 4x faster Wi-Fi, new mobile app, 2x memory capacity, and smoother video. Each purchase includes a 12-Gauge mounting bracket, hard carrying case, lens cover, Allen driver, and all spare accessories. 


Computer and phone compatibility?

The following computers are compatible with the ShotKam Camera:

  • Windows PC: Windows 8 or later are compatible. Windows 7 are not compatible.

  • Apple: All MacOS laptops and desktops are compatible. 

  • Google: Chromebook 2nd Generation (2015 release date) or newer are compatible. 

The following phones are compatible with the ShotKam mobile app: 

  • Android: All devices from 2015 or later.

  • Apple: iPhone 6 or later, and all iPads from 2015 or later.

  • Google: Pixel 4 or later.


How will the ShotKam Camera help me improve? 

The biggest culprit for unchanging scores is a false perception of why you missed. ShotKam captures the reality of the shot to give the objective feedback needed to make an adjustment. Watch this YouTube video to learn 10 tips for studying your ShotKam videos: How to Improve Your Shooting


    Will the ShotKam Camera fit my shotgun?

    Your ShotKam automatically comes with a 12 Gauge mount which fits on any 12 GA single barrel or double barrel. If you have a sub-gauge, then the following additional accessories are available for $39 each: 20 GA, 28 GA, .410, 12 GA side-by-side, or a bow mount.

    To use the Bow Mount, remove the stabilizer on your bow and screw in this mount. The Bow Mount is designed to be the same width as a 12 GA shotgun barrel, so then you can simply clamp the ShotKam directly onto the mount. It will not work for crossbows. 


    Can the ShotKam be mounted to a rifle?

    Yes, it can be mounted to most rifles using our additional sub-gauge accessories:

    • The 12 Gauge bracket (comes with the ShotKam) works on large caliber African guns (22 mm, 21 mm, 416, 458, etc).

    • The 20 Gauge bracket can fit most 30 caliber rifles (.300 win mag, .308, .338, 270, 30-06, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 9.3 x 62mm, etc). These are the normal “deer” rifle calibers.

    • The 28 Gauge for .243 sized rifles, 6.5 creedmore, 16mm, etc. 

    • The .410 for 15mm and .223 sized rifles.

    If you have a specific gun you would like to use your ShotKam on, please let us know and we would be happy to assist you in finding the correct mount. Contact us:


    Can I see the pellets?

    If shooting against a blue sky (contrasting background to the black pellets), then you can see the pellets and wad for about 3-4 frames. This is more of a "fun" factor rather than a helpful factor. Once the pellets go out about 10 yards, they are too small to be seen on video because they are smaller than a video pixel. If you are shooting a close target (example: skeet station 8 high house), then you will be able to see the pattern as it hits the target. But for targets beyond 10 yards, the pattern cannot be tracked. To improve your shooting, we recommend focusing on the frames before the shot was taken to learn why you hit or missed a target. Here's an 8-minute with some tips on how to study and learn from your ShotKam videos: How to Improve Your Shooting 


    How can I watch my videos frame-by-frame?

    The ShotKam Camera records one hundred pictures (frames) per second. To view your videos in slow-motion, either use the free ShotKam mobile app to go forward and backwards through each frame, or use one of our recommended computer video players. We suggest downloading either Elmedia Player (Mac computers), Potplayer (Windows PC), or VLC Media Player.  


    Will the brackets leave a mark on my barrel?

    No, each bracket is lined with soft rubber pads so there is no metal-to-metal contact. You will notice little squares on the bracket pads which act as suction cups to secure the camera during recoil. After exposure to rain, simply remove the ShotKam and wipe your barrel down. If you mount the camera to the same place on your barrel, then you will not need to realign the reticle (crosshair in your videos). 


    Where do I mount my ShotKam?

    Attach the camera under your barrel about 3 to 10 inches back from the muzzle. Ensure that it is not on barrel porting holes, then connect to the mobile app to live stream video and align the reticle (crosshair in the video). To see how to clamp the camera on and configure your settings, please watch our step-by-step setup tutorial here: How to Get Started with Your ShotKam


    Is it weatherproof?

    Yes, the ShotKam is 100% weatherproof when the rear cap is ON. It is fine in rain or hunting scenarios, but it is not submersible, so it is not for underwater sports. The removable rear cap can be taken off for charging, then screwed on before shooting in order to protect the USB port from water damage. 


    Will I feel the weight on my barrel?

    The ShotKam Camera weighs 5.5 ounces (equivalent to 5 slices of bread), so most shooters do not notice a difference. If you feel as though the gun if off-balance, then simply move the camera closer to the forend. Some shooters notice a smoother swing when the camera is closer to the muzzle, so that is acceptable as long as it is not on porting holes.


    Does the ShotKam Camera require batteries?

    No, it has an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so it does not require additional batteries. On a full charge, the ShotKam lasts approximately 5-6 hours when shooting clay targets, or 4-5 hours when hunting (because it records longer videos). The battery lasts 2 - 4 years (same as an iPhone), then is replaced at our Repair Facility in Florida, USA for $49. To charge the ShotKam, simply plug the provided USB cable into any computer or wall adapter for 2 hours. If needed, an external battery pack or car adapter can be used to charge the ShotKam remotely.


    What is the normal battery life?

    Clay Shooting = 4-5 Hours (Approximately 150 shots) 
    Hunting = 5-6 Hours (Approximately 75 shots) 
    Constant Wi-Fi Mode = 1 Hour

    Operating Temperatures: Use the ShotKam Camera where the ambient temperature is between 38º and 110º F (3º to 43º F). Using your ShotKam in very cold conditions outside of its operating range might temporarily shorten battery life and could cause the device to turn off. Battery life will return to normal when you bring the device back to higher ambient temperatures. Very hot conditions can permanently shorten battery life, so please do not leave the device in your car because temperatures in parked cars can exceed this range. We use the same type of lithium-ion battery as in Apple mobile devices and it will need replaced every 3-4 years depending on use. You can do an at-home battery test by following the steps on this Troubleshooting page here: Troubleshooting page here.

    Storing During Off-Season: Store the camera at room temperature. For optimal battery longevity, recharge the ShotKam every 2-3 months.


    How does it know when to record?

    The ShotKam uses a gyroscope and accelerometer to know when to record video. In simple terms, the camera detects your barrel movements to know when to begin recording video, then only saves video when there is a recoil. This is a patented memory-buffer system that is unique to ShotKam. Once the action of your gun is closed, the ShotKam will buffer 20 seconds of video. If there is a recoil during that time, then it will save the time before, during, and after the shot. If you move your gun but do not shoot, then the video is deleted and not saved onto the internal memory card. When shooting clay targets, all shots taken within 5 seconds of each other (true and report pairs) will be saved on the same video.


    Can I live stream video to my phone?

    Yes, the ShotKam app can live stream video, but we recommend allowing the camera time to finish saving your shot before watching it in the app (blue LED at the back of the camera will stop flashing). The ShotKam is designed to slow video down into 1/3 speed and that step is critical in order to accurately see and understand what is happening during your shot. If you watch the video live, then it will be too fast to see what happened. Instead, allow the video to finish saving in 1/3 speed, then download it and watch it frame-by-frame within the app. If you’re working on a problematic station, then I would recommend staying connected to the app and downloading the videos after each shot.

    Please note that the battery will only last 1 hour if it is constantly in Wi-Fi Mode. If you have the camera in “Normal Shooting Mode” which is only 1 LED at the back, then the camera will last 5-6 hours. We typically shoot in Normal Shooting Mode, then turn it off and into Wi-Fi Mode when needed to download shots.


    Does it record sound?

    Yes, the ShotKam Camera will record the “bang” sound of the recoil. You cannot, however, speak into the camera and record audio. Only the sound of the shot will be recorded with each video.


    Does the camera have zoom?

    The ShotKam lens has a magnification that is effectively 4x zoom, but it cannot be adjusted. It is fixed at an 18 degree field-of-view which is uniquely designed to replicate the human eye. ShotKam also automatically slows each video down into 1/3 speed which is how your brain perceives a moving target. If you record a shot on your iPhone, then the clay will look small and very fast. If you record a shot with ShotKam, then the clay will look just like you remembered it while shooting. This is thanks to the narrow field-of-view and slow-motion replay.


    How does it adjust to varying target distances and light conditions?

    The unique light-balancing technology will automatically adjust to varying light conditions, whether indoor or outdoor. The field-of-view is optimized for targets ranging from 5 to 100 yards and is effectively 4x magnified. The zoom cannot be adjusted, so targets beyond 100 yards will look small (equivalent to what they look like with the naked eye).


    Does the ShotKam Camera have Bluetooth?

    No, it has Wi-Fi instead because it is much faster than Bluetooth for video transferring. The ShotKam has its own built-in Wi-Fi network that enables you to connect directly to your smartphone, iPad, or tablet. You do not need cellular data, Bluetooth, or any other source of Wi-Fi. Simply turn the camera into Wi-Fi Mode (two yellow LEDs at the back), then connect to the ShotKam Network within your mobile device’s Settings.


    What mobile app do I need?

    Our free mobile app is called "ShotKam" and is available for download in the Android Google Play Store, or iOS App Store. The ShotKam app works on any iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Tablet from year 2014 or later. Here’s a 6-minute video on how to install and operate the app: How to Use the ShotKam Mobile App


    How can I tell if my shot was saved?

    At the back of the ShotKam Camera, you will see a blue flashing LED light after the recoil. When you close your shotgun action (works with semi-auto, over-and-under, and pump guns), there will be a solid green LED light at the back of the camera to indicate that it is ready to go. After the recoil, there will be a blinking blue LED for a few seconds to indicate that the shot was saved onto the internal memory card. You can continue shooting while the blue LED is flashing and it will continue recording video. 


    How can I change the settings?

    The ShotKam settings can be customized using the free ShotKam mobile app which is available on the Android Google Play Store, or the iOS App Store. Once your device has been connected to the ShotKam’s Wi-Fi, then you will see the following setting options:

    GUN: Semi-Automatic, Over-and-Under, Pump, Rifle Semi-Auto, or Rifle Bolt Action

    TARGET: Clay Targets, Flying Birds, or Ground Game (deer, turkey, hog, etc)

    RETICLE: Red Dot, Crosshair, or Reticle OFF

    RECORDING TIME: Short, Normal, Long, or Extra Long

    PLAYBACK SPEED: ⅙ Speed, ⅓ Speed (Normal), or Full Speed


    Defaults for Clay Targets:

    • Sleep Mode: Initiates after 20 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery. Open and close the action or press the control button to waken the ShotKam.

    • "Normal" Recording Time: 2 seconds pre-shot, 1 second post-shot. Playback speed is 1/3 speed, therefore videos will be 9-15 seconds long.

    • If two shots are taken within 5 seconds of each other (true & report pairs), then both shots will be saved as one longer video.


    Defaults for Flying Birds:

    • Sleep Mode: Initiates after 30 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery. Either close the shotgun action, press the control button, or bump the stock of the gun to waken the ShotKam (solid green LED).

    • "Normal" Recording Time: 3 seconds pre-shot, 3 seconds post-shot. Playback speed is ⅓ speed, therefore videos will be 18 - 30 seconds long.

    • If multiple shots are taken within 9 seconds of each other, then they will be saved as one longer video.


    Defaults for Ground Game:

    • Sleep Mode: Initiates after 300 seconds (5 minutes) of inactivity to conserve battery. Either press the control button or bump the stock of the gun to waken the ShotKam.

    • "Normal" Recording Time: 6 seconds pre-shot, 20 seconds post-shot. Playback speed is ⅓ speed, therefore videos will be about one minute and 20 seconds long.

    • If multiple shots are taken within 10 seconds of each other, then they will be saved as one longer video.


    Recording Time Specifications:

    • "Short" = 1/2 the normal recording time

    • "Normal" = See the default recording time for each target type

    • "Long" = 2x the normal recording time

    • “Extra Long” = 4x the normal recording time


    How do I align the reticle (crosshair) to my gun?

    Use the ShotKam mobile app to align the reticle to where your gun is aimed. Simply point your empty gun at a safe target about 30 yards or beyond, then connect to the ShotKam’s Wi-Fi Network to live stream video on your device. You will see four arrows within the app (up, down, left, and right) that can be tapped to move the reticle as needed. Once the reticle is exactly on the target, then hit “save.” To watch a demo of the quick and easy alignment process, watch our 6-minute tutorial video here: How to Setup the Camera


    Will the reticle need aligned each time I take the camera off?

    No, the ShotKam does not need realigned if you mount the camera the same distance back from the muzzle each time. For instance, if the ShotKam is placed 8 inches back from the muzzle of a break-action, then you can move it to any other break-action 8 inches back without adjusting it. But if you are going from a double-barrel to a single-barrel, then the reticle will need to be realigned.

    Is this an action camera?

    No, it is an accelerometer-controlled aiming system (ACAS) video camera. It was developed by an engineer with expertise in military laser-targeting systems and is designed for high shock and vibration environments. The ShotKam has a patented recoil absorption system which is combined with an accelerometer. This allows the ShotKam to buffer and only record-to-memory the few seconds before, during, and after the discharge of bows or firearms. It records video in Full HD (1080p) at 100 frames per second.

    What's in the box:

    • ShotKam (3rd Generation)

    • 12 Gauge quick release mounting bracket

    • Built-in 64 GB Micro SD memory card - Holds 2,000 clay videos

    • USB cable and wall adapter

    • Hard camera case

    • Hex-end screwdriver to tighten screws

    • Spare silicon rear cap

    • Spare front lens cover

    • Spare rubber mounting pads

    • Spare “O ring”

    • Spare mounting screws

    Frequently Bought Together

    20 GA Bracket

    $ 39.00

    Camera Warming Sleeve

    $ 29.00

    ShotKam Camo Embroidered Hat

    $ 25.00


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    Technical Specifications 


    5 ½ oz


    1 ¼ inches in diameter, 4 ½ inches in length


    An internal 64GB Micro SD card (enough for 2,000 clay videos).

    Video Recording:

    Records video in either 1080p Full HD at 100 fps, or 720p at 180 fps. The recording setting can be selected within our "ShotKam" mobile app. ShotKam has an accelerometer which registers forces and registers when there is a shot taken. Once the action of your shotgun is closed, the ShotKam begins recording a video through a memory buffer. If the accelerometer registers a recoil, then it saves the video to the memory card. If there is no recoil, then it dismisses the video. All true or report pairs taken within 6 seconds of each other will be saved as the same video.

    Video Format:

    MP4 Video Format


    4x faster built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect your ShotKam to any iPad / Tablet / Smartphone while in the field (no other Wi-Fi source needed). The ShotKam's Wi-Fi will appear in your phone's Wi-Fi Networks options. You can instantly share your shots to social media right from your phone. 


    ShotKam is 100% weatherproof when the rear cap is on to cover the USB port. The ShotKam is OK in rain or accidental submersion when hunting, but it cannot be used for under-water sports. 

    Mounting Systems:

    A 12 gauge mounting bracket is included with your ShotKam purchase. This can be attached to any break-action, semi-auto, or pump shotgun. There are additional sub-gauge brackets available: 20 Ga, 28 Ga, .410, or 12 Ga side-by-side.


    The ShotKam's housing material and mounting brackets are aircraft-grade aluminum.

    Phone and computer compatibility:
    The following computers work with the ShotKam Camera:
    • Windows 8 operating system or later are compatible. Windows 7 are not compatible.
    • All MacOS laptops and desktops are compatible.
    • Google Chromebook 2nd Generation (2015 release date) or newer are compatible.
    The following phones are compatible with the ShotKam mobile app:
    • Android mobile devices from 2015 or later.
    • Apple: iPhone 6 or later, and all iPads from 2015 or later.
    • Google Pixel 4 or later.
    Target Settings (Adjustable):


    • Saves 2 seconds pre-shot, 1 second post-shot

    • Sleep Mode: After 20 seconds of inactivity

    Flying Birds:

    • Saves 3 seconds pre-shot, 3 seconds post-shot

    • Sleep Mode: After 60 seconds of inactivity

    Ground Game (deer, turkey, etc.):

    • Saves 6 seconds pre-shot, 20 seconds post-shot

    • Sleep Mode: After 300 seconds of inactivity

    For Paper Targets:

    • Saves 2 seconds pre-shot, 1 second post-shot

    • Sleep Mode: After 60 seconds of inactivity

    Recording Time (Adjustable):

    Short = Half of "Normal" recording time (see below)


    Clays = 2 seconds pre-shot, 1 seconds post-shot

    Flying Birds = 3 seconds pre-shot, 3 seconds post-shot

    Ground Game = 6 seconds pre-shot, 20 seconds post-shot

    Paper Targets = 2 seconds pre-shot, 1 seconds post-shot

    Long = 2x Normal

    Extra Long = 4x Normal 


    The internal lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and the life expectancy is 3 years. Your ShotKam can be charged via the USB port and a USB cable is provided with every purchase. A battery replacement costs $49 and must be done at our warehouse in Florida.

    Battery Life in Normal Shooting Mode (not Wi-Fi):

    Clay Shooting: 5 - 6 hours.

    Hunting: 4 - 6 hours (approximately 75 shotgun shells).

    Battery Life in Wi-Fi Mode:

    Typically lasts 1 hour in Wi-Fi mode.

    NOTE: The Wi-Fi mode is for adjusting the ShotKam's settings and for “in the field” shot-analysis of problematic targets.

    Battery Charging:

    Charge the ShotKam using the provided USB cable to a computer, car charger, or wall adaptor (such as a cell phone wall adaptor). The USB cable will convert the input to the correct voltage, so it can be used internationally. A solid red LED indicated a full charge (takes about 2 hours).

    > Click to Download the Complete User Manual (PDF)