How to Replace Your ShotKam O-Ring

There was a manufacturing defect with one of the o-rings on the Gen 4 ShotKam tubes. This does not affect Gen 3 ShotKams. Get answers to common questions at the bottom of this page.

Replacement O-ring Required

If you have a Gen 4 ShotKam that was shipped before Christmas, then you will be receiving a replacement o-ring in the mail. It is important that you replace the o-ring on your camera in order to ensure a waterproof seal at the back of the camera. Remove the old o-ring, then replace with the new one. Please watch this tutorial video to learn how to replace it:

Frequent Questions

I already went hunting in the rain or snow. Now what?

If you have already used it in the rain or snow, that is no problem. We are being overly-cautious by exchanging these o-rings, but if you've already used it in rain or snow that is not a problem. Some people accidentally drop their ShotKams in water while hunting, so that is the scenario we are trying to avoid (fully submerged under water). We recommend avoid using it in wet conditions until the o-ring is swapped, thank you.


I have not yet received the replacement o-ring. Can I still hunt in the rain or snow?

No, please wait until you have replaced the o-ring before hunting in wet conditions.

I ordered multiple Gen 4 ShotKams, so are you sending several o-rings?

Yes, you will get one o-ring per Gen 4 ShotKam that you have ordered. We initially sent out one single o-ring to all customers as part of an automating mailing process, then have since sent a second letter to customers with multiples with the additional o-rings. You can expect to receive a second letter with additional o-rings, thank you.


Where are you mailing the o-ring?

You will receive a letter to the original address that received the ShotKam package. If you have any other questions, please email